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[ -- Welcome to the Links Page! -- ]
If you have a related Seramyu (Sailor Moon Musicals), meaning the live musicals website and like us to link you just send us a note with "Seramyu Link Us" in the subject line! Thanks! If there's any links not working please note us or lilly-peacecraft!

[ -- Official Links -- ]
Official SeraMyu Webpage

[ -- Keeping SeraMyu alive in the USA and around the world!!!! -- ]
*vbabe1 is the creator of SoCal Sera Myu, home of the Sera Musical's SOCAL home base. SCSM is an independent performance group started by LoveInTheAM Production's Casey[VBabe] and Ashleigh[Aino]. SoCal Sera Myu is a fan project started in September of 2008, dedicated to bringing new and exciting Sera Myu performances, shows, and Cosplay. Currently, SCSM is casting and running production for Crystal of Choas, a new, fan made Musical Movie. Partnered with Turbulence Studios, Crystal of Chaos is guaranteed to be an exciting feature for Sailormoon fans worldwide. For more please check out--->… (*Note- I've added her link to the links page as well.)

*Here are some other Sera Stage Musical global net consists of groups located all over the world attempting to bring Sera Myu back to life.* -This list is also linked on the lists page as well.
SoCal Sera Myu, home of the Sera Musical's SOCAL home base.
UK(England) based Myu performace group called "Chasin' after Myu"
Ottawa, Canada- Musicals Sailor Moon Ottawa, also known as the Myu in Ottawa Project
Salad Time Soldiers- STS is a SeraMyu (Sailor Moon Musicals) performance group based out of Ohio
Last Chance is a performing Sera Myu group
Yume- Just a Dream? An German performing Sera Myu group aka Yumemusical here on dA.
Eien Myu, a Sera Myu (Sailor Moon Musical) performance group based out of Georgia!

[ -- Fan Sites Links -- ]
SeraMyu's DA's Forum
SeraMyu Antics
Brad of's Musical Guide
SeraMyu LJ Community
Second Stage SailorMoon Musical Shrine
Starring Hikari
Asako Go and Tomoko Go Fansite
Miss Dream: A Sailor Moon Translation Project

If there's anything wrong or like to add some information or if you have any questions or concerns please note the club or note lilly-peacecraft Thanks!

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